February 1, 2011

In light of recent tragedies involving four Americans being murdered by Somali pirates, I mean the following post entirely tongue in cheek. The quote came from DH who took these pictures. It’s a blessing that wildlife and environmental regulations are all that he has to worry about.

“It’s not just off of Somalia anymore, there are ‘pirates’ trying to sneak aboard ships in sunny southern California.¬†Fortunately, they never made it all the way aboard!”

For legal reasons I hope all identifying marks have been removed. But then, as DH e-mailed these lovelies to me, it is on his head if anyone finds the evidence!

Many asked me if I knew about and was concerned over the pirate situation. I had to laugh and say that I have known that pirates, real pirates, exist and are quite lethal since my dating days with DH. As to my concerns, fortunately DH does not often sail foreign waters. It is our domestic port security that has me more concerned… and that’s for another blog!

Enjoy, me hearties! ARRRGH!


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