Covers that do not match & mixed metaphors

January 18, 2011

1. I’m reading a book my sister loaned me. Merlin’s Legacy: Daughter of Fire. So far (and I’m only in chapter 3) a pretty good book. Since my sister’s not the fantasy/vamp fiend that I am, it has to be good for her to like it and recommend it. Okay. So the cover has this gorgeous knight, long black hair, muscled under all that chain mail, grasping a buxom blonde in a period dress. Typical cover–oh, except it does have this floating head of Merlin kind of scowling down from the upper left-hand corner. Yeah, then I read (wow–I just sounded like Junie B. Jones) that said daughter of Merlin has RED HAIR to go along with being the daughter of FIRE! Uh, hello? Who approved a blonde on the cover? Probably a blonde (no offense, dear sister).

And now in the light of day, I can think of another… I also just finished Dream Warrior by Sherilyn Kenyon. The main character, Cratus/Jericho, is supposed to have a scar from hairline to chin, through his left eye, and he wears a patch. This is supposed to make him ruggedly handsome. Do you think the hot guy on the cover even has a hair out-of-place let alone an eye patch? Noooo. Again, the visual is all wrong and does nothing for me.

2. “Love Story” is a catchy country song, by Taylor Swift. Cute song. I’m singing along, love the references to Romeo and “I’ll be your Juliette, just say yes.” You get the idea that dad doesn’t approve–good, goes with the R&J theme. But then somewhere out of the blue the songwriter throws in “I’m a scarlet letter.” Whoa. The last time I checked, these were entirely different stories. Okay sure, both were about forbidden love but the second was a bit more than daddy won’t approve. Just ruins the song for me. Sorry. And of course if I read the whole Love Story thing (I really should since that is where all Jennifers apparently got their wildly popular name from for several decades)… I would know how that metaphor fits or doesn’t fit. Doesn’t she die or something?

**Originally posted about on March 4, 2009.**


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