Random Fact #8

January 15, 2011

Originally there were 25 Random Facts that I was asked to write in a Note about myself on FB. I’m not ready to put all 25 on here, out of anonymity and to keep from boring Dear Reader.

8. I am an introvert. For those of you who knew this, even back in high school—why didn’t you tell me? I could manipulate those Myers-Briggs tests so that I could always be an E because I thought being an introvert would make me too similar to someone who I didn’t want to have anything to do with. So once I canned the denial and looked hard at myself and all my strengths, I like the INFJ that I truly am. Sadly, some confuse my introvertedness with snobbery or judgementalness.

This topic has come up twice recently. First, my sister and I were discussing our New Year’s Eve plans. Both of us had accepted invitations when we really wouldn’t have minded staying in the comfort of our own homes. I’ve stated that I felt doing so would be good for T1 and T2. My sister did the same for Cousin IT.

When I told my children we had plans and therefore *gasp* wouldn’t be staying home to watch a marathon of TV shows they had already seen and could probably recite word for word, they did initially react with dismay. This got me to thinking and I posed the question to my sister: do introverts beget (love that archaic term) introverts? DH and I are both introverts, my mother and father are introverts, and my siblings are introverts.

Interestingly, I never saw my sister as an introvert. One definition is how much the person needs others and how they interact in social situations. My sister always had to have a boyfriend. She was more social than me and hanging with friends was more of an occurrence for her. But she claims the other definition about how one “recharges” and she needs her down time. Also, I believe the boyfriend thing was a self-worth issue, not an I v. E thing.

We both agree that our parents’ limited social interactions at least influenced us in our perceptions of our parents and we both feel we need to make efforts for our children.

As for T1 and T2, I’m still debating the nature v. nurture. You see, when T2 was younger there would be excitement to go somewhere, but before we made it to the corner of our street T2 would ask “Can we go home?” Definite homebody. T1 exhibits the traits of how an E “recharges.” T1 needs physical contact. When stressed, happy, sad, tired–and when I am all of the above–T1 will ask for a hug. No, T1 actually expresses it as “I need a hug.” Physical contact provides the battery boost and the reassurance T1 seeks. In social situations the quick hug is always needed before T1 runs into the crowd. T1 seeks to be right in the mix of things but at the same time can be comfortable playing a solitary game while the rest of summer camp is moving on around T1.

Our busy activities are encouraging social interactions. I accept invitations though a night in my jammies would be preferred. Are we nurturing them to be more Es or are we just creating I’s that can navigate social situations with comfort and ease? I guess I’ll ask them what they think when they reach my age.

The second time had to do with how our personalities influence the use of our interests and talents from and for God. How can we rise above if God has plans for us to be more dynamic? I believe the class consensus was that God can and will do anything and it takes faith to go out of our comfort zone. But also, often God uses us where we are at. An introvert can be just as effective one on one as an extrovert preaching to a crowd. If God doesn’t limit us, we shouldn’t limit God. Food for thought.


One comment

  1. Hmmm…one of my good friends is an introvert. I’m very much an extrovert but I love staying home too 🙂

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