Easy Listening

January 11, 2011

I got to thinking that perhaps if I put better stuff in then it is bound to have a positive influence on my mood, thoughts, and attitude in general. They do say “garbage in, garbage out” so I would assume the opposite is true. I found the local contemporary Christian music station over the holidays because there were only so many times I could listen to “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” and be inspired to have Good Will toward Man.

I could actually listen to many of those hymns and praises year-round because I do not necessarily hold to the nativity happening in December anyway. Many of the hymns are so uplifting. But I’m getting off point.

So my radio stations have been changed. My children and I are learning the songs. We were surprised to hear a song from camp. I never listened to contemporary or gospel Christian music growing up. It wasn’t played in our home. I remember getting my first Amy Grant album (yes, on vinyl!) for my 14th birthday. A college friend made me a mix tape of CCM that I played over and over again. DH and I randomly came across the group Point of Grace early in our marriage and we have 2 or 3 albums, and their Christmas offering.

But other than that, I have no idea who we’re listening to. I think if I walked into the Christian bookstore I wouldn’t know where to start–who is good, who is not, what style do I like, which just don’t appeal to me. This change has been good for all three of us in the past two weeks and I want to encourage the children to become more familiar with more uplifting music that what’s being offered in mainstream.

DH got me set up the Pandora website–the music genome project. This is turning out to be a great way to get quickly familiar with new artists and I do like hearing old favorite hymns. Hey, even that old Amy Grant album popped up. Pretty soon I will have a list of artists and albums to go purchase or download to make mix tapes of my own.

And I have to admit my attitude has been a little bit more even, if not uplifted. Slow steps forward.

I think this was a change I was supposed to come to–I had to drive DH’s Big Red this week while my  car is shop and I found DH’s radio station tuned to the same local Christian station (and not his usual talk radio). Must be meant to be.

Oh, I’ll still rock out to my harder edgier stuff every now and then but I’m liking this positive change for all of us. I’m not sure I realized what I was missing.


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