10 minutes to go…

January 2, 2011

I wanted to blog today but I had to dig through some excess baggage, put it aside and then refocus. In some ways I think it is more like building walls. I do wonder, though, if these walls will make my “voice” here on this blog a bit vague and less “real.” If I’m leaving out important details and not airing the dirty laundry is it possible to have any depth? Is it possible for my One Reader to get any value out of what I say? Maybe I should just shoot for entertaining and leave the substance to others. This is something to ponder as I continue to work on this blog, my journal, and my creative pieces.

I hosted New Year’s Dinner and we had 10 total due to an unexpected visitor. I was tired and am not very good at making sure everything is timed just right so many of the dishes were barely lukewarm by the time we ate. Oh well.

DH has been busy at sea working with his scroll saw. He sent pictures to me and his mother. Mine was a very pretty heart ornament inscribed with Happy 15th Anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been that long. His mother got pictures of the ornaments he is working on. I’m sure they’re beautiful and I cannot wait to see all his creations.

T2 spoke at length with him about the art creations proudly displayed for relatives to admire–plus it is nice to show the gift giver that the gift is being used and enjoyed (previous craft gifts, though preferred by the parents, have often been ruined well before completion can be achieved). When I was finally handed the phone DH merely chuckled and said, “T2 had a lot to say but I’m not sure I heard half of it!”

We finished the day with a rousing game of Phase 10 Twist and an upset win. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

And apparently I should not blog 10 minutes to midnight. I had no less than 6 errors! Thank goodness for spell check!


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