Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2010

Well, the Bah Humbug spirit has left me. Christmas Eve has turned into a nice day and I expect tomorrow to be just as good.

This is the first year both T1 and T2 “know”. But they’ve been game. They even sat on Santa’s knees and told him their wish lists even though Cousin IT is too young to even notice. We set out cookies and eggnog tonight. They kept up appearances for the sake of tradition. I am grateful. It was a sweet gift from them to me. It was what I needed.

I’ve told the children that Santa is a parent’s way of being able to give joy anonymously and to be little children ourselves. They are beginning to see that as they watch their youngest cousin grow. Not this year, but next will be even more fun. They also wanted to start being more involved in the picking of teacher gifts, making a few even; and they wanted to spend their own money on each other.

DH was at sea last year as well. It wasn’t an easy time and he was stressed. He was acquiring Wii gaming systems for the ships. He had asked me if I wanted a Cricut machine and I just couldn’t bring myself to say I wanted him to spend that kind of money on me for a frivolous extra so he decided to purchase Wii for the family. The boxes arrived early and I was asked not to peek and wait to open them together. Because T2 still believed we couldn’t say this gift was from Santa.

On Christmas Eve, after we returned home from our traditional day with DH’s family, DH called one last time with a request. He said, “I had such a bad day. I want to hear the children when they open the box.” We put him on speaker phone. I hoped the shouts of delight cheered him up as much as he needed it. I was floored. We had never discussed it. We were satisfied with our old hand-me-down XBox & DDR. I joked that maybe I should have taken him up on the Cricut if he had such an itch to spend money! (He did eventually find it for me after Christmas for dirt cheap on Craig’s List.)

This year has not been going well for DH either. No big family surprise gifts have arrived but a small box for me. I haven’t peeked but DH is having fun asking if he remembered to poke holes in the box and telling his brother to warn me to step back when I open it. He’s been acting like a kid in a candy store, taunting me with the surprise. And I’ve behaved and am waiting patiently–you see, in the past I’ve gone so far as to take the credit card bill and drive to the store and scope out what he could have possibly bought me. I essentially took his joy away. Maybe being Santa all these years taught me how horrible a thing that was to do.

Merry Christmas to all! May you be home for Christmas, with your loved one, even if only in your dreams. God Bless.


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