Moral of the Story…

December 18, 2010

if you feel bad enough to go to the doctor, get a prescription, feel better a few hours later and decide not to take said prescription until you can’t breathe a few days later, you will only mask the symptoms and end up with more “gunk” in your lungs two weeks later and a case of full-blown bronchitis, hoping they do not call back and say it is really pneumonia.

Needless to say, T1 handled things like a champ but T2 kind of freaked when Momma had to say she wasn’t feeling well, having trouble breathing and her friend was going to take her to the doctor at 6 p.m. on a Saturday.

And there is nothing like having to tell your DH who is calling from sea that you’re at the clinic because you can’t breathe. Especially when he says he was calling to get cheered up after the bad day he just had. Yeah me! Spouse of the year!


One comment

  1. Interestingly enough it was NEVER bronchitis or any type of infection. It was in fact stress and anxiety induced panic attacks. Doctors really shouldn’t just hand out drugs just to get people out the door.

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