Random Fact #12

December 8, 2010

** Originally there are 25 random facts but I’m not ready to publish them. Written January 2009.

12. I have had or have been involved in a car accident 7 times in the past 13 years. I totaled DH’s car not 3 days after the first time he went to sea after we were married. I struck a deer on the way home from visiting friends. I was involved in a parking lot rear-ending but because the other person claimed a different person was driving their car (to the best of my recollection) I blame the other driver. DH took out someone’s taillight with our mirror when backing out of a space in a crowded parking lot. I was sideswiped when 7 months pregnant. I caused a three car rear-ending because I was looking at my child’s papers under rainy conditions. My car was hit-and-run while parked on our street one night and it was totaled. Also, I’ve had to replace 3 windshields due to rocks on the interstate.

As each of these were roughly every two years, I shudder to think that I’m due for another major accident. Is it possible I’ve had my “new” car for two years now? Does the rock to the windshield on Thanksgiving day count? The sad thing is that 4 of the 7 times DH has been at sea and I’ve had to take care of everything. If I’m due for an accident, can it at least wait until DH can get home?



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